You need to have the right framework in place to help you achieve your money goals, and a key factor in this is KNOWING YOUR WORTH!

Why is it that people get congratulated for spending $20k to $50k or more on a car .. but questioned when you spend $20k on a business coach or a mentor? One is guaranteed to depreciate over time… the other provides a return on investment!

There are far more people lacking respect for skill, talent and time than there are people trying to rip clients off!

In order to know your worth, and then actually get paid what you are worth, you need to take a step back and look at your goals…

Ask yourself:

  • What income do you want?
  • How many clients do you want to serve?

Once you know these answers you are on the right path to KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE WORTH.

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Group of people sitting at a table during a profit first meeting